What We Offer Our Parents

As a parent at Maida Vale School, you join our school family. We offer an array of different events to take part in during the school year from a parent course on teen behaviour, to a trip abroad with other parents. 

These are just a few things you can expect as a parent at Maida Vale School:

Parent Workshops & Talks

We offer parents the opportunity to take part in workshops and attend talks such as:

  • Gaming and gambling- external speaker on an issue increasingly effecting young people.
  • Managing friendships.
  • Substance abuse - discussing the current trends and dangers of drugs in society.
  • Mental health & wellbeing. 
  • Online safety. 
  • Sleep management in teenagers.

Our café is open to our parents 

We have a Parent Café and welcome you to enjoy the space for a hot drink and to use the facilities. The café is also home to our coffee mornings where you can meet fellow parents.

Friends Events 

We will help form a Friends of Maida Vale School group led by parents to organise a range of educational, social and charity events each year. This year at our sister school, Kew House, the Friends organised an educational course for parents called 'Teenagers Translated' which covered topics such as:

  • 'What is normal teen behaviour and how to recognise and act on the more worrying signals'
  • 'How to have difficult conversations and impose boundaries'
  • 'Ways in which to create the right kind of home life to support your teen'

Parent and Staff Events 

  • Annual parent Quiz Night 
  • New parent welcome event
  • Charity fundraisers

Parent trips

  • Our History department may organise a parent trip abroad each year.

And of course, you are welcome to attend the many fantastic events our pupils are involved in:

  • Annual productions.
  • Summer sports day.
  • Carol concert.
  • Tea time concerts showcasing musical talent, termly.
  • Joint Gardener School Group events.
  • Parent Choir.
  • Art showcases.
  • Science fairs.