Special Educational Needs

The term ‘Special Educational Needs’ (SEN) encompasses those children who find academic work more challenging, as well as children who might be identified as ‘Gifted or Talented’ in certain areas of the curriculum. There are, of course, individuals who need support in some academic areas but are gifted and talented in others.

SEN at Maida Vale School

Maida Vale School’s Learning Support Department works closely with pastoral and tutorial staff to identify needs at an early stage and provide the support required to enable each Pupil to thrive within the curriculum. Teachers trained in SEN will work with Pupils internally but, where appropriate, parents may be referred to external agencies for further support.

How are individuals identified?

As a department, we work by observing children first, then deciding what interventions they might need; we never assume. We will study educational psychologists' reports if Pupils arrive with one, or recommend one is done if needed. Class sizes are a maximum of 22 and often the classes for the learners who need additional support are of 8-10.

What do I need to do before I apply?

Before you apply to Maida Vale School, it is recommended that you attend an open day and experience a tour of the school. It is not necessary to meet with the SENCo at this point. At the point of registration, please ensure that you attach all supporting documentation such as recent educational psychologist reports or EHCPs with your application. Only once your child has a place, will it be possible to meet with the SEN team.