Pastoral Care

Maida Vale School fosters the feeling of a family and social hub providing emotional support and security for all Pupils and employees. Each Pupil will receive individual attention both educationally and pastorally.

Every member of staff, no matter who they are, has a responsibility for the pastoral care of every individual Pupil. For us, effective pastoral care and a focus on Pupil wellbeing are at the heart of ensuring success for young people. Here, the Personal Tutor Group system contributes greatly to this - the Personal Tutor remains with the Pupil throughout their time at school and the groups are vertical, meaning that Pupils across all year groups are in each set. 

Pastoral care: The personal, social (wellbeing) and academic needs of Pupils

The Personal Tutor Groups meet every day and are the gateway for communication between school and home. This means that we know what is happening in your child's life, what makes them tick so that we can provide appropriate care and support at all times.