Sport and well-being form an important part of the curriculum at Maida Vale School. We benefit from a varied timetable and an established fixture card.

We have expertise in delivering a technical, demanding and rewarding sports curriculum for all Maida Vale pupils. Sport and fitness contribute to the mental well-being and all-round achievement for our pupils. This is why it holds such importance in School life.

We support those pupils who aspire to compete at the highest level, whilst offering opportunity and encouragement to those pupils who are simply wanting to enjoy their sport and physical activity.

The school has facilities for fencing, strength and conditioning and skills sessions for all of our major sports. We are also fortunate to be situated in a convenient location for access to a number of nearby sports grounds and facilities including Moberly and Willesden Sports Centres, Paddington Recreation Ground and Regent’s Park.

Sport at Maida Vale School plays a pivotal role in the physical and emotional development of its pupils. Whether it is through the core physical education curriculum, extra-curricular activities or the games fixture programme, all pupils have access to a wide range of sporting disciplines to engage in and enjoy. We value the importance of inclusivity, opportunity and choice to ensure participation is maximised across all ability levels. All pupils are given the opportunity to represent the school in their chosen games option and A teams are entered into national competitions and events.


We place a strong emphasis on team sports to give pupils the opportunity to develop skills such as teamwork and communication. We are a forward-thinking department and pupils are given the option between two major sports each term.  Our termly options are as follows:

Autumn Term - Football and Netball

Spring Term - Rugby and Hockey

Summer Term - Cricket and Tennis

Sixth Form pupils will have more options to choose from giving them increased autonomy in their own health and well-being.

Physical Education

For Pupils who wish to pursue their passion for sport as an academic subject, we offer GCSE and A Level PE (AQA). Three hours of additional GCSE PE is timetabled which includes 90 minutes of theory and 90 minutes of additional practical lessons. The A Level course will include 6 hours a week of theory-based PE lessons.

Pupils will work with experienced and enthusiastic PE teachers who have also experienced playing sport at a high level within their respective disciplines.

Extra Curricular

As part of our Enrichment programme, we offer clubs to compliment our games provision. This allows our pupils to improve their skills and tactical awareness.

We also offer a variety of other sports for pupils to enjoy such as fencing, table tennis, strength & conditioning and many more.