Sixth Form Curriculum and Pastoral Care

We offer a wide ranging Sixth Form Curriculum by experienced subject experts, teachers who seek to enthuse Pupils with excitement and passion for their chosen areas of study. We guide students through the A-Level selection process with a view to their ambitions post Sixth Form, then adding depth and breadth to these chosen subjects through quality and frequency of contact.

Maida Vale School provides a tailored Sixth Form education for each student. This is reflected in a high number of one-to-one and small group sessions with teachers and the flexibility of the timetable and options choices. Our teachers possess track records of success in both A-Level examination results and helping Pupils achieve their post-school ambitions.


Everything a Maida Vale pupil needs to choose their subject choices.


Pastoral Care

Our strong pastoral care system is at the heart of our ethos. All Pupils and employees are valued and supported.

Sixth Formers have specific pastoral needs and we provide comprehensive, realistic, practical and in-depth pastoral support that enables Pupils to navigate the potential pressures of their later teenage years.

The Personal Tutor’s role, as described above, is crucial in this regard but the school is a community with each individual taking responsibility for the well-being of the whole.